Sustainability needs a lobby

The German Federal Association for Sustainability


represents the common interests of its members in all issues relevant to sustainability, promotes cooperation among its members and assists them in fulfilling their tasks.


Sustainability is:


to think and act
farsighted and global
in generations.


The "Federal Sustainability Award"


is awarded in the categories society, politics, administration and economy. The nominations 2018 can be viewed → here. The award ceremony will take place on Sept. 6th, 2018 in Berlin.



Sustainability is balance orientation

The vision of the German Federal Association for Sustainability is the development of a world in which a global community consciousness has been implemented in daily live. Our focus is on reducing inequalities for and between humans and nature.

We strive for international cooperation to preserve viable nature and biodiversity, including the diversity and potential of all cultures.

Over the course of billions of years, nature has developed balancing mechanisms that ensure her survival. We are taking this model to give future generations more opportunities for a livable world. To achieve this, we want to establish sustainability as a state goal.

We see ourselves as a mouthpiece and source of inspiration, bundling civil society interests in order to accompany state and private organizations in transformation processes.


Sustainability is next generation culture

The mission of the German Federal Association for Sustainability is to create a lobby for sustainability and a common communication platform for it.

We work and operate in the context of the → 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide clues as to which fields sustainable development is required. We orientate our projects to this. We regard the conscious shaping of culture as the main driving force to achieve the goals.

For the concrete implementation of meaningful processes we show role models and examples, develop concepts and accompany other organizations, companies or individuals. We see ourselves as a docking station for the exchange of knowledge and joint action.

We achieve social effectiveness through the pooling of common interests, the positive influence on political culture and securing the economic capacity of sustainable development.


Sustainability is systemic thinking and action

The values ​​of the German Federal Association for Sustainability are based on assuming responsibility for us and the planet.

As humans, we are all part of a natural system as well as part of a worldwide cultural community based on knowledge. Knowledge for us is the combination of information, experience and the “wisdom of the heart”. These are our central thoughts.

We believe in a global community of cultures and that this must be reflected in common core values. Mutual respect, justice and truthfulness underlie our attitude. Our actions are guided by humanity, non-violence and partnerships.

We see the promotion of creativity as a prerequisite for innovation and the development of potential, which leads to cooperative action patterns. In this way, one can achieve the sovereignty required for the “transformation of the world”.

Achieving change

The Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
as a measure of action


In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the Global → Sustainable Development Goals in New York: 17 main targets, each with about 10 "sub-targets" that "will transform the world through ... the end of poverty, the protection of the earth and prosperity for all" .

In the meantime, these objectives have also been incorporated into the agreements of the Paris Climate Protection Conference. Germany has committed itself to these goals and implemented them in its → sustainability strategy. It is now the time to ensure implementation.

All actors are called upon to set these targets as a benchmark for their actions and to integrate them into their "DNA". The German Federal Association for Sustainability accompanies this process from the outset and integrates the sustainable development goals into its work:

We see goal No. 10 as the central approach to transforming the world, as it is the only one that addresses a cause.

However, the → World Inequality Report" shows that the world is moving further and further away from this goal.

To achieve the goal and for our work, we have set up a step-by-step roadmap, which is described in more detail → here.

Shaping transformation

The re-vitalization of rural areas
as a priority task


Urbanization comes first among the 10 strongest "megatrends" for the future. Elements of this trend are predictions of the → World Urbanization Prospects der UN. They estimate that by 2050 already 66% of humanity will live in cities (after 54% in 2014 and 30% in 1950).

In many cases such forecasts are regarded as inevitable events. There are three key questions for the German Federal Association for Sustainability:

  1. Are mega-cities and regions desirable?
  2. Are mega-cities and regions sustainable or can they be designed that way?
  3. Why do rural areas seem so unattractive in this light?
Re-vitalization of rural areas

Rural areas are settlements that seemingly fall out of perception and are increasingly subject to depopulation in Germany as well as globally. This endangers not only the territorial integrity of an area or country, but also social cohesion.

Therefore, it is in our interest to preserve these settlement areas and to focus on development.

This applies especially to the development of economic perspectives beyond the predominantly monocultural agricultural economy, which leads → to offer people in rural areas a life perspective.

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