Research for sustainability

by the German Federal Association for Sustainability

Interdisciplinary and transformative

Shaping transformation

Nature endeavours to compensate for imbalances.

We subscribe to this concept and introduce the term “soeco-forming” for the first time in the necessary approach, which our research projects are based on.

Based on the term “terraforming”, which is commonly used for the structural creation of the habitability of inhospitable landscapes, “soeco-forming” describes the creation of structural and mental conditions for social, economic and environmentally orientated life perspectives in a world of transformation.

This is achieved through the participation and involvement of people, the consideration of cultural influences on human behaviour and a balance-oriented human-nature interaction.


Who is it for ?

For the science

Creating knowledge to reduce inequalities for people and nature

The German Federal Association for  Sustainability proves that civil society can successfully conduct research.

Our research focuses on education and transfer research as well as the circular economy as a fundamental economic principle inspired by nature. Many years of research activity allow the Federal Association to set the tone in politics and society.

The Federal Association also acts as a hosting organisation for the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Federal Chancellor Scholarship and supports researchers as part of this programme.

The Federal Association is also a sought-after partner in the accreditation of study programmes, particularly those related to sustainability.

For society

From knowledge into action

The German Federal Association for Sustainability sees itself not just as a think tank, but also as an action tank.

Together with actors from civil society, we demonstrate in pilot projects how sustainability can succeed. We invite stakeholders and institutions to emulate these.

We participate in the social discourse on sustainability:


  • as a dialogue partner
  • with specialised lectures
  • with the support of stakeholder processes

For politics

Shaping society together sustainably

The German Federal Association for Sustainability offers political players sustainable and future-orientated solutions for specialist issues relating to sustainability.

This enables trend-setting decisions to be made in political arenas and social and environmental cohesion to be strengthened.

As a professional organisation for sustainability, we have been advising and supporting stakeholders in parliamentary, governmental and municipal contexts since our foundation.

With our broad expertise, we are a sought-after and reliable partner in political advisory bodies, commissions of enquiry and parliamentary committees.

For the economy

Making future markets sustainable together

The German Federal Association for Sustainability supports you in the transformation of your company. As a bridge builder between business, politics and society, our aim is to strengthen transformative cooperation.

Together with you, we identify the role of your company on the path to sustainability and provide you with research capacities in the field of the circular economy and the use of renewable raw materials as well as bioeconomic value creation.

For students

Getting to the bottom of sustainability

Students who are looking for interesting and innovative research questions can find them at the German Federal Association for Sustainability.

Students can complete internships during their studies at the Bundesvereinigung, find topics for their Master’s or Bachelor’s theses or, in consultation with their university, a second supervisor. Research tasks for doctoral theses can also be supervised via the Federal Association.

Through co-operation with universities, student associations and recommendations, students from many countries around the world are involved in the research projects of the Federal Association. They make a significant contribution to the work of the German Federal Association for Sustainability and are networked worldwide as alumni of the German Federal Association.

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