Advanced training
for sustainability

For companies, organisations and public administration

Setting up for the future

With its advanced training programme, the German Federal Association for Sustainability closes the gap between knowledge about sustainability and action. We impart practical knowledge that you can use immediately in your day-to-day work.

The further development of sustainability in economic, organisational and administrative contexts is proceeding at an ever faster pace. This is why we want to enable you to position yourself for the future with our training programmes.

The sustainability training programme

for employees
for trainers
for skilled workers providing training



As a company, you invest in the professional development of your employees and make yourself fit for the challenges of sustainability. ANAKO is the first choice for future-orientated and sustainable further training in the corporate context – we also offer in-house training courses.


The specialised programme aims to provide you with comprehensive sustainability skills. The focus is on integrating sustainability into company training and creating an awareness of sustainable behaviour throughout the company.

Training staff

ANAKO offers training staff the personal certificate “Training Specialist for Sustainable Development”. This certificate is issued by the German Federal Association for Sustainability – the professional association for sustainability. It is a valuable seal of quality that recognises your qualifications and expertise in this important area.

Global Goals at Stake

Sustainability knowledge through gamification


The hybrid educational game “Global Goals at Stake” was developed as part of an EU project with 9 European partners under the leadership of the Danish United Nations Association. The game is a combination of smartphone app and game board and has 7 language versions.

You can use the game to help learners across subjects and topics to better understand the concept of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and to organise their everyday lives in a sustainable way.

Get to know the educational game and suitable methods and find out how you can implement the concept effectively.