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We are your hosting organization for sustainable mobilities.

Why Berlin?

Let Berlin cast its spell

Sense the yesterday, live the today, and shape the tomorrow

Many things that happen in Berlin influence the rest of the world. Many things happening worldwide also influence how we live and work in Berlin. Discover Berlin is like embarking on an adventure through time. Here, you can feel the power of history through the weight of the past and its resilient stance towards the future. Berlin is an innovative and sustainable city that lives in the pulse of time. Berlin is synonymous with diversity and always manages to be surprising. Berlin is the heart of Europe, and one of the most popular cities to travel to that can help improve English language skills.

The Green Berlin

The city is full of green spaces, parks, and gardens, as well as innovative urban gardening trends that extend to your table with a great gastronomic offering for the vegetarian lifestyle. Over 30% of the city’s area is green spaces and woodlands. Berlin has 2,500 parks and gardens, 440,000 trees, and 180 km of waterways. Berlin manages to combine a great metropolis feeling with idyllic green spaces. Now, more than thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, many old industrial heritage buildings, rooftops, and backyards in the former East and West Berlin are remarkable inner-city sites, oases cultivated over the old fractures and ruptures in this once-divided city.

Let's make Berlin the capital of sustainability

The city exudes sustainability in all its forms. Visitors from all over the world are always amazed at how eco-conscious life and food are in Berlin, where you can eat produce straight from community gardens and honey from beekeeping hives implanted on the roofs of berlin. The German capital also has a variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, another area where the city is already setting sustainable trends.

Incoming in Berlin

No other city has such a rich panoply of successful businesses as Berlin. The cosmopolitan city attracts many young, creative minds and companies. Here, you can find the highest number of start-ups per inhabitant. The broad start-up scene is very prolific, especially in the services sector. Be part, connect and learn with this creative environment. Let your associates, collaborators, employees, and trainees become part of this success story, and let us show you a sustainable Berlin!

Green Mobilities

Our main goal is to increase integration, cooperation, development, and sustainable awareness between organizations, institutions, companies, skilled workers, and apprentices. We believe that the Erasmus+ programme plays a crucial role in increasing cooperation and fostering sustainable development. Therefore, we are committed to providing an array of incoming services to create awareness and spread sustainable practices. Our focus lies on providing and organizing learning programmes in a mobility context for our partners. These programmes range from traineeships courses, technical visits, apprenticeships, internships, and job shadowing events.

Why we do what we do?

Our focus is on promoting ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) in vocational training (VESD). Therefore, the projects we are involved in are always linked to the creation of programmes and content that increase and disseminate activities promoting sustainable practices. When it comes to mobilities, we are focused on organizing mobility programmes in Berlin that not only have a very low ecological footprint but are also linked to companies and organizations that are an example to follow and to learn from when it comes to sustainability and good practices. Our programmes include accommodation, transfer services, internship and job shadowing programmes, sustainability mentoring and consultancy, as well as workshops to encourage entrepreneurship, employability, and the implementation of a greener lifestyle in both professional and personal life.

How do we foster sustainability?

We organize and provide the following services:

  • We provide technical visits and job-shadowing events, apprenticeships, internships, seminars, and workshops fostering Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
  • We develop internship programmes and search for institutions that fit participants’ backgrounds, skills, and learning outcomes.
  • We provide training on Vocational Education for Sustainable Development (VESD), Circle Economy, and the UN’s SDGs.
  • Our services and activities always integrate socio-cultural actions in the city of Berlin and the surrounding area.
  • We provide personal and intercultural development activities.
  • We offer project consultancy, monitoring, and evaluation.

Our sustainable mentoring and monitoring program:

  • Organization of the entire mobility with accommodation, guidance, and personalized coordination of the programme.
  • We develop the programmes according to the needs and expectations of each candidate.
  • We always provide a welcome introduction meeting to present the programme to the participants.
  • We organize Vocational Education for Sustainable Development Workshop events.
  • We accompany participants to interviews at the host companies to meet personally with their tutors or hosts.
  • For job shadowing and technical visits, if necessary, the programme coordinator accompanies the group throughout all program activities.
  • We provide face-to-face (or online) meetings to follow up and evaluate the program.
  • Regular feedback on the progress of mobilities, projects, and internships.
  • Regular contact with company tutors for feedback and mediation.
  • We provide official documentation to meet programme requirements for fundings and evaluations: learning agreements, certificates, and assessments.
  • We provide emergency contact (available 24/7).
  • Final report sent to the promoter with the training program.
  • Green Mobility Certification Award to each participant at the end of the mobility.
  • Documentation and a reflection on each participant.
  • We can also meet any need you or your institution may have.

Exactly what you are looking for…

Incoming Berlin

Let yourself be inspired by Berlin.

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Participating in our Green Mobilities programme will strengthen your ability to become part of the change for a better world. We want to provide you with an experience that will open the door to a green future in your business or career.

We are committed to creating customized programmes that suit your learning needs and ensure the best possible learning curve.

All programmes will be embedded in institutions that are a benchmark in their field, both in terms of sustainability and how their employees are valued.

Our participants will be allocated across our network that extends through the partners we have acquired throughout our journey, in which we have been active since 2013, in promoting sustainable development.

If you want to be part of the change, we can provide you, or your institution, with the experience that will give you the right guidance and perspective to look further ahead and prepare for a better future.

If you are looking for a way to improve your employability and ensure you have acquired the credentials that put you at the forefront of new professional needs, we can provide you with the internship you need.

European Projects

Let´s build a better world togehter.

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We are committed to developing projects that can bring awareness and intellectual content to foster sustainable development.

We have the firm belief that to achieve our goals (UN SDGs), it is necessary to cooperate and work together. Therefore, we are committed to our policy of always having our doors open to new ideas.

We have over 9 years of experience in project development that we would like to share with anyone interested in working with us.

We have been developing projects all over the world and have a wide experience in developing national and international projects as project leaders and as project partners.

We have in-depth knowledge in sustainability and Vocational Education for sustainable Development.

If you need our expertise to push your project forward, we would be interested in hearing your ideas.

Rui Luz

Rui Luz

Coordinator Erasmus+

Telephone: +49 30 9407 2280

Mobile phone: +49 176 40 44 4530