Research for Sustainable Development (RSD)

Research for Sustainable Development (RSD)

Alongside its strategy, the German Federal Association for Sustainability essentially pursues transformative research with and without state funding:

"soeco-forming" as a strategic approach

Nature strives to compensate for imbalances. We want to follow this concept and introduce for the first time the concept of "soeco-forming" for the necessary strategy, which is also the basis for our research projects.

In line with the term "terraforming", which is commonly used for the structural production of the habitability of inhospitable landscapes, "soeco-forming" describes the establishment of structural and mental prerequisites

  • for social, economic and environmental life perspectives in a world of transformation
  • through the participation of people, the consideration of cultural influences for human action and an balance-oriented human-nature interaction.

Research Fellows

Through cooperation with universities, student associations and recommendations, students from many countries around the world are participating in the research projects of the German Federal Association for Sustainability. There are already about 40 students since 2016, of which about 24 in 2019 alone. They come from countries such as Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Gambia, Ghana, Great Britain, Mexico, Nigeria, USA and, of course, Germany.

They make a considerable contribution to the work of the German Federal Association for Sustainability and are networked as alumni of the Federal Association worldwide.

The current priorities and the addressed UN Global Sustainability Goals are listed here:

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Vocational Education for Sustainable Development (VESD)

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