Sustainable Development in education

Sustainable education

Integration of concepts of sustainable development into education

In 2013 the German Federal Association for Sustainability through various collaborations in Germany and abroad has begun to develop concepts for sustainable development in education. Currently 15 experts from different educational sectors are working on the project group externally and internally.

The spectrum of education ranges from

  • early childhood education in kindergartens,
  • pre-primary education,
  • education in secondary 1 and 2
  • to vocational training
and encompasses a holistic approach. Common key objective of the concepts is to restore a lost connection with nature as means of livelihood for future generations.

During a collaborative project first parts of concepts were tested in 2013 as part of a pioneering project for the chances and the development of the 21st century urban society in Tempelhof airfield in Berlin with kindergarten and school groups followed by more than 400 children and adolescents together with their educators and teachers / teachers.

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