Society component

Large and heavy loads can’t be carried alone.

A sense of community and a sense of responsibility for oneself and others are preconditions for sustainable development of stable social structures. Extensive involvement of all actors in society and the development of methods of decision-making and participation are engines of this development.

Joint decisions are sustainable. At least 5 things are required to make citizens capable for well-balanced decisions:

  • transparent means of information,
  • willingness for further education,
  • administration acting as a service provider as a matter of course,
  • self-responsibility and
  • staying power.

BVNGSeiten (18)

New sustainable elements of direct decision-making and the proven form of representative democracy are two sides of the coin democracy, they are complementary. The combination of the two is the modern way of decision-making in the society of the 21st century.

Also for society applies the billions of years proven recipe for the success of nature: diversity. People from other parts of the world are a treasure. The word “integration” comes from the Latin origin “integratio” and represents nothing less than “renewal”. A society that is renewed again and again is and remains sustainable.

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