Environment component

A nature-conscious interaction with the environment guarantees long-term success and makes systemic correlations visible. Not before this perception it is possible to obtain a sustained awareness of the unity of and the interaction between man and nature.

The impact of human activities on the environment are complex and seem contradictory at too short consideration. This results also in complex and contradictory decision-making processes. For this reason joint decisions must be borne on a base as widely as possible.

BVNGSeiten (19)

The combination of expert knowledge and life experience of all stakeholders is contemporary and far-sighted conservation of natural resources in the 21st century. Strengthening local structures (e.g. power generation and distribution, production, etc.) and avoiding monoculture makes a resource-efficient approach to nature possible.

Diversity is stimulating. Every day this can be observed in nature. Diversity survives. For billions of years nature makes this its worth to copy recipe for success.

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