Statutes abstract


§ 2 Purpose, tasks

The association exerts its activity by

  • effectively and diligently representing its objectives in relevant draft laws at the federal and state level,
  • occurring for the thoughts of sustainability and balance orientation with all publicistic opportunities,
  • disseminating knowledge about solution requirements and solutions e.g. editing and organizing own publications, lectures, conferences, congresses, seminars and exhibitions,
  • aiming at parliaments and governments a more sustainable considered research,
  • actively supporting education for the responsible use of natural resources and education for sustainable development in schools and out of school e.g. by the provision of teaching materials,
  • obtaining for close cooperation with institutions, organizations and individuals who share similar goals and get connected at an international level,
  • by actively involving art and artistic expression in the transfer of knowledge about sustainability,
  • creating foundations and providing donations to anchor the awareness of human action and its impact on natural processes in the sense of balance-oriented human-nature interaction in social, environmental and economic terms in all sectors of society,
  • The German Federal Association for Sustainability sponsors the → sustainability award “Federal Award for Sustainability” in recognition of particularly sustainable actions and behaviors in society, politics, administration and business.

To perform these duties the German Federal Association for Sustainability will deploy its ideally, human and material resources at home and abroad. The purpose will be achieved in particular through the joint work e.g. with public corporations, schools, universities and other non-profit organizations.

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