• to integrate holism as key for sustainability as an authoritative method of approach into legislative and planning processes,
  • to support and to advise the public, politics, economics and management in this regard,
  • to make aware the connections between human activity and its impact on natural processes in the sense of balance-oriented human-nature interaction,
  • to anchor sustainable action in social, environmental, economic and participatory ways in all areas of society.

Systemische Zusammenhaenge

Establishing long-term thinking and thinking in systemic contexts.




Artenvielfalt in urbanen Lebensraeumen

Biodiversity in urban living environments | Urban Gardening as an example of human-nature interaction




Podiiumsdiskussion Partizipation
Panel discussion on citizen participation in urban development processes | former Tempelhof airfield
(with Tarik Mustafa, GFAS | Antoinette Beckert, Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Medicine and Allied Health (Moderation) | Stefan Evers, MP Berlin CDU | Tilmann Heuser, BUND Berlin (f.l.t.r.))

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