Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

Sponsoring contribution

Requirement for admission as a sponsor is an agreed funding contribution.

A sponsor is referenced on an annual donation to the German Federal Association for Sustainability. The minimum contribution amount is regulated in the contribution rules. The inaugural meeting decided on April 25th, 2013 about the minimum contribution for sponsors:

“The contribution for sponsors takes place by agreement with the sponsor. However, it is at least 5,000.00 EUR per year in the form of a donation.“

Sponsor application form


    First name:

    Last name:

    Name of organization / company:

    Legal form:

    Occupation / activity:

    Function in the organization / company:

    Street, House Number:

    Additional address:

    Postal code / City:

    Telephone fixed network:

    Mobile phone:


    Contribution amount:

    Euro per year

    The transfer of your personal data is not encrypted.

    With regard to the use we'd like to refer to our declaration of data security.

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