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Become a member

Membership fee

Each member has to pay an annual membership fee at the beginning of each calendar year. Together with the admission to the German Federal Association for Sustainability companies of a certain size have to pay a one-time admission fee at the beginning of their membership. The amount and type of admission fees and membership fees shall be defined by the General Assembly. The openness of the German Federal Association for Sustainability for the general public is adequately treated. The General Assembly has held on April 25th, 2015 decided about the follwong regulations regarding admission fee and membership fees:

The founding members, honorary members and relevant members of the Executive Committee for the duration of their term of office shall be exempt from membership fees. The annual payment must be executed until February 15th each year and is listed below:

StatusMembership feeAdmission fee
Natural person240.00 EUR/year

A reduced fee of 6 EUR / month
with a monthly payment method
applies to beneficiaries acc.
the German ALG 2/SGB12 or

A document proof is mandatory.
public corporations,
240.00 EUR/year

With an annual turnover of
more than EUR 50,000 the
regulations for SMEs (Small
and Medium Enterprises)
(sole trader businesses)
50.00 EUR/yearNone
(with 2 to <10 employees)
120.00 EUR/yearNone
(with 10 to <50 employees)
600.00 EUR/yearNone
(with 50 to <200 employees)
2,400.00 EUR/yearNone
All other legal
entities in the form
of a profit-making
5,000.00 EUR/yearNone
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Postal code / City:
Telephone fixed network:
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