Management Boards

Management Boards

Executive Committee

The German Federal Association for Sustainability is an organisation which is led exclusively by volunteers. It is represented to the public by an Executive Committee which currently consists of two members:


of the German Federal Association for Sustainability

is the Berlin artist and sustainability visionary Tarik Salim Farouk Mustafa Mustafa El Dahas (called Tarik Mustafa) with German, Sudanese and Egyptian roots.

Grown up near Kassel, he lives in Berlin since October 2000. Since then he has worked as artist and is artistic director in many areas. Based on his fundamental idea about the future development of the disused Tempelhof Airport, he created the "Ark Metropolis Art Project for the Opportunities and Development of Global Society in the 21st Century", which he directed from 2010-2013, at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. The project dealt with the social topic of sustainability with a focus on participation and was awarded by UNESCO and the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Vice President

of the German Federal Association for Sustainability

is the political scientist and historian and independent media and communications consultant Martin Wittau from Baden-Wuerttemberg in the south of Germany.

After graduating from high school and having served the German army, Martin Wittau finished his studies of scientific policy (at Dieter Oberndoerfer), the modern and recent history and the economic and social history with the degree of Master of Arts (M.A.) at the University of Freiburg. He has lived in Berlin since October 1989. Here he began to work as a personal aide to the former Berlin Senator for Finance and Economy, Elmar Pieroth, for the management of his office in the House of Representatives of Berlin.

Numerous other professional positions led him to independent activities and in 2001 to Deutsche Lufthansa, where he worked until 2009 as a communications trainer. Since then, independently, he devotes a large part of his time to sustainable projects.

Mangement Board

The Executive committee's work is supported by a Management Board, which currently consists of the following members:

International Affairs

is the serial entrepreneur, venture capital and technology consultant Diogo Alves. He is originally from Portugal and lives in Lisbon after 8 different countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America.

He is an avid arts enthusiast being a musician and improvisation theater performer.

Research & Innovation

is Dr. rer. nat. Cosmas Kombat Lambini. He comes from Ghana and is currently living in Berlin after research stays in Finland, France, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, South Korea, Slovakia and Vietnam.

Dr. rer. nat. Cosmas Kombat Lambini

In his dissertation at the Chair of Plant Ecology at the University of Bayreuth, he is concerned with Economics of Forest Ecosystem Services Supply in Developing Economies. The PhD works seeks to answers questions on supplying joint production of forest ecosystem services and to identify the role of property rights in forest ecosystem services.

He is modelling the cost of joint production and cost efficiencies in the supply of joint outputs (timber, carbon and biodiversity) and finally evaluating the role of conservation based groups play in the supply of these services (timber, carbon and biodiversity).

During the years 2015-2018 he also contributed as an author for IPBES to the exploration and maintenance of the biodiversity.

Networks & Policy Affairs

is Stephan Koester. As an expert in sustainability and network analysis, he is an interpreter between innovative sustainable approaches, climate movements and politics. The Berlin resident has been involved in politics and sustainability for several years.

Stephan Koester

He draws strength and endurance for his work from his tours on the European long-distance hiking trails.

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