Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards

The Board of Trustees and the Advisory Boards are set up by Executive Committee and support the Executive Committee in its work. They act as multipliers and interfaces.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees advises and assists the Executive Committee in the planning and execution of its tasks and the basic concepts of the Association activities. It gives major impetus for the operational and strategic work and the development.

The board consists of at least 6 individuals who are appointed by the Executive Committee for a period of two years. The members of the Board of Trustees do not need to be members of the German Federal Association for Sustainability. In their role the board members support the Association as multipliers and are critical companions.

Current members of the Board of Trustees are:

Advisory Boards

The duties of the Advisory Boards are primarily in its functions as a link between the German Federal Association for Sustainability and of each area represented. With regard to the content the Advisory Board's work is based in the attendance of hearings and opinions of the Association by their knowledge and expertise.

The Advisory Boards have particular importance to build the organizational structure of the Association. The composition of the Advisory Boards of different personalities with differentiated expertise and a wide range of experience ensures both the consolidation of a strategic positioning as well as answers to a wide range of issues.

The Advisory Board members serve equally as multipliers, interface and open the door to successfully convey the concerns of the Association in politics, administration, society and economy and contribute to its dissemination.

The Executive Committee has currently appointed the following Advisory Council:

Scientific Advisory Board

The board advises and supports the German Federal Association for Sustainability in meeting its objectives and statutory purposes (e.g. by scientifically reasoned opinions) and meet for this purpose at least once every six months.

The Scientific Advisory Board shall be composed of a maximum of 18 persons from all disciplines who are appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of four years. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board shall participate once a year at thecGerman Federal Association for Sustainability art-science dialogue.

Current advisory board members are:

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