GFAS goes BioTech – German Federal Association for Sustainability participates in Eberswalde BioTech Startup

The German Federal Association for Sustainability takes over a 12% stake in a biotechnology startup in Eberswalde. The focus of the company is the production and process optimization of biopolymers, other bio-based materials and mineral nanoproducts. Another focus is on applied research in this area.

BVNG President Tarik Mustafa (picture on the left): “We have been working together with the start-up for about 3 years, and we want to achieve the broad use of naturally produced, compostable plastics. We have used the transformation of the start-up into a limited liability company in order to send out a clear signal of our willingness as a sustainability association to go into action and not just talk about it. This corresponds to our self-image ashink & amp; Ac ‘Think & Action Tank’.

The managing partner of “BioInspiration TMT Geschäftsführungsgesellschaft mbH” is biotech expert Thorsten Perl (middle picture). With the company motto “Expanding the Organic Material Evolution”, it becomes clear that the transformation into a CO2-neutral economy opens up huge opportunities.

BVNG Vice-President Martin Wittau (right): “We want to make Germany play an important role in the future world market for biopolymers, because the train is already rolling. The application and market potential is enormous. To do this, we are bringing back biotechnological research, inventions and developments which has been emigrated to the US and China which were paid with German taxpayers’ money. This is our contribution to the worldwide prevention of plastic waste, to the innovative capability of Germany and, more specifically, to the sustainable economic development of rural areas, which is ideal for the development of decentralized production and processing of natural polymers”.

BVNG goes BioTech

BVNG goes BioTech

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